Universal Love Meditation

You will be guided through the Seven Planes of Existence, by a certified theta healing instructor.
While in this meditative state, you will be shown methods that theta healers use to heal.  Plus -

How to send universal unconditional love to another; 

How to create & manifest our desires; 

How to ask and receive guidance from ‘the creator of all that is’.    

You will also be shown how to muscle test yourself. This is used as a form of asking for universal truth via our own bodies. Just knowing the basics of this can be very helpful to us in numerous ways.


Tuesday 25th August 2015

7.30 to 8.45

You can arrive by 7.15

FEE: £10 (Concessions £8)

Text or call Jen Tays on 07411 987838

or Email info@awarenessmeditation.co.uk

Further info: awarenessmeditation.co.uk

August 25
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August 25
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