Self-Development Workshop


When:  Sunday 13th May 2018

Where: OMH Therapies, Yoga & Well-being Centre, 1 a Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TH

Time:   Part I – 11.00 am – 12.00 noon

(Audrey is Available for Tarot until 4.00 pm. bookable in advance or on the day)

           Part II – 12.30 pm  –  3.00 pm  


Cost: Part 1 = £25.00

          Part II = £25.00

         Both Part I & II = £40.00

Plus individual Tarot Card Readings on the day at special discount price £25 (normally £55 for 60 mins)

To Book: Email info@omhtherapies or Tel: 0131 220 1301

"What the F**K is going on?" (Part I)


Your Host:   Audrey Yeardley

Contact:  Email:   

               Tel: 07586 815573

Everything begins with an Intention; and, as the poet William Wordsworth said “To Begin, Begin.”

The first step is (as Socrates said (many centuries ago) to “Know Thy Self: the unexamined Life is not worth living.”

Every one of us is here for a reason but it’s easy to lose touch with our golden thread, in the hurly-burly of the World.

By studying Astrology, and checking out our individual ‘blueprints,’ we may check out our personal navigation, to get back on track.

Tarot Readings are another way, getting in touch with where we are now.

An introductory talk, with time for individual Readings, is a part of this stimulating day.

As we travel from the past, into the present, the future awaits, as a myriad of possibilities. Everything contains a seed of opportunity.

Additional Offer

Tarot Readings available on the day at the Special Offer Price of £25

(normally £55 for 1 hour) Offer on a first come first served basis

'What the F**K can I do about it?' (Part II)

Your Host:   Jacq Munro

Contact:   Email:

                 Tel: 07519 283675

It can sometimes be frustrating not knowing where we are heading or feeling like our goals are moving away from us, rather than towards us. Well then come along to this afternoon workshop and start the process of realising your dreams, identifying your goals and signalling to the Universe that the time is NOW. 
Using a mix of visualisation, guided meditation and vision boards we will work to connect to the infinite potential that each of us is, make it real on our vision boards and set our intent to accept all the wonder the world has to offer. 
Vision Boards let us have clarity, purpose, accountability and hope and it allows for the potential of creating the things we don't yet even know are possible. 
Come along and share in a short-guided meditation followed by a supported Vision Board creation and leave with a sense of where you are heading, how you might get there and what is possible. 
All boards, materials, pens, pencils, paints, stickers, cut outs and more supplied - oh and lots and lots and lots of glitter!






Starts :   23 APRIL - 11 JUNE 2018


Time:     7.15 - 9.15 PM


Where:   OMH Therapies, 1a Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 7TH 

Learn techniques to:

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Increase well-being and happiness

Boost Immune System

Reduce negative thinking

Increase focus and concentration

Increase clarity/improve decision making

To Book:


T: 07803 584 139