PILATES with Katy Macaj

*Mixed Ability Session* 

Mondays7 - 8 pm(starting on 24/04/2017)

Teacher: Katy Macaj

Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning, combining muscle strengthening and flexibility with a breathing method that works to establish mind-body connection, reduce stress, improve mental focus and body awareness. Emphasis is on body alignment, breathing, building a strong core and muscle tone, reducing tense muscle and back pain, while improving posture, balance & developing endurance in the entire body.

1. Pilates is a whole-body fitness
2. Pilates sessions are tailored to individual needs
3. Improves posture & balance
4. Core strength
5. Decreases and prevents back & joint aches
6. Stay in shape
7. Complimentary to any other sport or activity you do
8. Mind & body connection
9. Energizing
10. Anti-stress & better sleep


Pay-as-you-Pilates: £10/class

Block of 5 Pilates sessions - £45
Block of 10 Pilates sessions - £80 

Students & Concessions discount available


Contact us sending an email, find us on Facebook: CorpusPro Dance&Fitness or visit our website: www.corpusprodancefitness.com

The numbers are limited to a small group (max.8-10 people) so please book in advance to guarantee your place.

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Katy Macaj is a certified and insured level 3 REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered Pilates teacher with more than 10 years experience in dance and fitness.