A traditional and ancient form of exercise and mindfulness, Yoga enjoys widespread acclaim in the fitness and health community.  To many practitioners it is an exercise at once spiritual and physical.  For the scientific it is seen as a valuable tool to promote muscular health and maintain flexibility. 

We offer a variety of Yoga classes at OMH,  taking place Monday to Friday with breakfast, lunchtime and evening sessions to suit your schedule and needs. 


Mondays  7.45 - 8.45 pm

Teacher: Mary Ramage

We will let go of our day and set intentions for the week ahead. we will work through sun salutations and flowing sequences that allow us to build strength and make space through the linking of movement and breath.

PRICE: Drop in £9, Block of 5 classes £40, Concession £7.50

BOOKINGS: marylramage@gmail.com 




Wednesdays  6.45 - 7.45 pm

Teacher: Rosina Weightman, www.Yogawithrosina.wordpress.com.

You will learn and practise the main poses from Iyengar and Sivananda tradition. Instructions will be given in how to use classic yoga poses and breathing to increase flexibility and strength in the whole body, particularly the spine. Through regular practice of these poses physical. psychological and spiritual health is supported.

PRICE: £8 drop in, £27 for a block of 4 classes, £5 unwaged.

BOOKINGS: Facebook Yogawithrosina, mob. 07914761978



Tuesdays 6.30 - 7.30 pm

Teacher: Kat Aydin,  www.karmayogaedinburgh.com

Suitable for beginners and those who like to practice basic Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on proper alignment and breathing techniques. We keep our classes small so we can give you individual attention, ensuring that you maintain the correct alignment and helping you to make adjustments where necessary.

PRICE: £10 drop in, £45 block of 5 classes valid for 6 weeks 

BOOKINGS: kat.aydin@gmail.com (spaces are limited so booking is essential)



Tuesdays  7.45 - 8.45 pm

Teacher: Kat Aydin

This class is based on the connection of breathing and movement practised in a fun and creative way. Vinyasa means "breath-synchronised movement". The focus is on gaining flexibility and strength, boosting your energy and feeling healthier and happier in your body. this class is suitable for people who have already had some Yoga experience.

PRICE: £10 drop in, £45 block of 5 classes valid for 6 weeks 

BOOKINGS: kat.aydin@gmail.com (spaces are limited so booking is essential)



Saturdays  11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Teacher: Allanah Langstaff

A mat based class that will work into tight fascia but won't work up a sweat so you can go from Yoga to any Afternoon plans that you have. This class is suitable for all abilities whether you spent the morning working up a sweat already or rolled out of bed after a busy week at work. It's the ultimate stretch.


£8 drop in(£7 student)

£18 Intro offer for first 3 classes  (Can be claimed in 1st or 2nd class, expires end of March)   

£40 for 6 classes (can be bought until end of February and expires end April) 

BOOKINGS:  allanahlangstaff@icloud.com          



Wednesdays  10 - 11.15 am and 8 - 9.15 pm

Teacher: Mags McGeever

Light Heart Life  

Yoga, coaching and inspiration for a more spacious and joyful life.






Mondays 5 - 6 pm

Teacher: Keira Hodge

Each Monday at 5pm we'll move through a power flow sequence, based upon both the structure of Ashtanga and the playful nature of Vinyasa Flow, whilst incoporating power moves and balances. We'll focus upon breath, bandhas, form and flowing with ease. We like to work hard and have fun! 

I hope you'll join me! (We're yogis who like to have fun! And don't take themselves too seriously). :-). Namaste!


Drop in - £10

Paid in advance - £8.50


Facebook page: keirahodgeyoga

Email: keirahodge@gmail.com



Tuesdays  4.30 - 5.45 pm

Teacher: Tessa Welsh

Welcoming and supportive classes, incorporating yoga and breath work to help you feel calm, strong and empowered during your pregnancy journey.

A calm space where you can cultivate strength, awareness and emotional well-being, so you can embrace the changes during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and motherhood both physically and mentally.• Booking Essential

As part of your antenatal care, you are entitled to paid time of and this includes pregnancy yoga classes, when supported by your midwife or GP.

Tessa is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher and a Doula, supporting women through pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. She is currently completing her specialist pregnancy training with Judy Cameron of Yoga Birth. Part of the training involves teaching classes and for this reason Tessa is offering a reduced rate for the pregnancy classes until she completes the training in July.

Please, get in touch if you have got any questions or to book your place. You may also like to check YesMama Facebook page for information, articles and updates on all things pregnancy birth and motherhood.

PRICE: block of 8 - £76

            block of 6 - £57


Facebook pages: YesMama /YesYoga



Thursdays  5.45  -  6.45 pm.

Teacher  Tessa Welsh

In this fast paced world we often live in a state of heightened activity that centres on 'DOING' and 'PRODUCTIVITY'.

This flow works on restoring balance. First by exploring a slow yin practice, welcoming a sense of stillness, letting go and sitting with what surfaces. Then moving through a more dynamic Vinyasa practice to build heat, cleanse and strengthen.

The slow practice encourages a sense of surrender, and a release of tightness and tension.

The Vinyasa practice helps to detoxify the body, calm the mind and restore energy and vitality.

This class is open to all levels.

The intention is to connect with your breath, explore movements and enjoying finding your own rhythm and flow.

BOOKING: Tess@yesyogayou.com 


• Drop in any time £9

• Block of 8 - £64 - Valid for 10 weeks

• Block of 4 -  £34 - Valid for 5 weeks


Mondays 6.15 - 7.15 pm

Teacher: Jenny Rose

A slow moving yoga class, allowing students the time and space to move into their practice deeper. Longer holds allow deep releasing of tension, and more time to build core strength. As it is slow moving, it is suitable for all levels. Jenny loves to take the time to work with students in class to help understand allignment and foundations of all postures, and takes her classes at a slower pace to give time to do just this. The class will include deep stretching, some standing and seated flow, longer hold yin postures and always ending in relaxation, sometimes including breath work.

PRICE: £12 drop in

            £50 for 5 class pass

            £90 for 10 class pass

BOOKINGS: Email jennyroseyoga@gmail.com to book or for any questions.

Mats provided.