A traditional and ancient form of exercise and mindfulness, Yoga enjoys widespread acclaim in the fitness and health community.  To many practitioners it is an exercise at once spiritual and physical.  For the scientific it is seen as a valuable tool to promote muscular health and maintain flexibility. 

We offer a variety of Yoga classes at OMH,  taking place Monday to Friday with breakfast, lunchtime and evening sessions to suit your schedule and needs. 




Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind

Mondays 6.15 - 7.15 pm

Teacher: Jenny Rose

This slower moving class is open to all levels and provides a welcome end to a Monday, giving you chance to move slowly and mindfully, to get back into your body, use your breath to release any physical, mental or emotional blocks and make more space for you.

Drawing on her study in Yoga Therapeutics and Mindfulness, Jenny develops sequences that target particular areas of the body, with the intention to open up in one or two particular areas each week, such as shoulders, hips, or even hands, fingers and feet. The classes are slower moving and can be taken at each students own level of intensity and depth. Due to the slow pace, beginners are welcome. Do be prepared to find points of stuckness in the body, or to reach points of strength being built -- both of which can be uncomfortable for a moment -- but ultimately lead to more strength and space.

The class has a meditative quality in both its opening, movement, closing, and breath work. Jenny creates a calm, safe space for all students to take what they need from the practice. The focus is on introspection, feeling and coming home to your self on your mat, rather than moving through a fast flowing Vinyasa - but as always, strength and deep release can be found. Mats can be provided. Spaces are limited.

PRICE: £12 drop in, £50 for 5 class pass, £90 for 10 class pass

BOOKINGS: Email jennyroseyoga@gmail.com to book or for any questions.







Tuesdays 6.15 - 7.15 pm (LAST CLASS THIS YEAR 27/11/18

Teacher: Kat Aydin  

Suitable for beginners and those who like to practice basic Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on proper alignment and breathing techniques. We keep our classes small so we can give you individual attention, ensuring that you maintain the correct alignment and helping you to make adjustments where necessary.

PRICE: £10 drop in, £45 block of 5 classes valid for 6 weeks 

BOOKINGS: kat.aydin@gmail.com (spaces are limited so booking is essential)




Tuesdays  7.30 - 8.30 pm

Teacher: KAT AYDIN

This class is based on the connection of breathing and movement practised in a fun and creative way. Vinyasa means "breath-synchronised movement". The focus is on gaining flexibility and strength, boosting your energy and feeling healthier and happier in your body. this class is suitable for people who have already had some Yoga experience.

PRICE: £10 drop in, £45 block of 5 classes valid for 6 weeks 

BOOKINGS: kat.aydin@gmail.com (spaces are limited so booking is essential)



Yoga Foundations

WEDNESDAYS  5.30 - 6.30 pm

TEACHER: Jenny Rose

Yoga Foundations is a perfect class for beginners, anyone new to yoga, and those looking to strengthen the foundations and go deeper in their current yoga practice.

Jenny works through different areas of the body each month, building strength and stamina in different postures. One month we may work on upper body strength, looking at correct allignment and engagement in downward dog, and how these same muscles help in arm balances and headstand; another month we may focus on lower body looking at leg and glute strength, key standing asanas, working towards more fun balances like half-moon. There is a real sense of community in class, with the same students attending almost each week, and a sense of building on a solid practice with a flow from week to week. The class is drop in, and it's okay to drop in as you can; but students will get the most benefit and notice the most improvement in their practice if they attend regularly. Jenny brings a mix of understanding anatomy and allignment, having fun, buliding strength, opening stuck areas like hips and shoulders, and always focussing on breath work and ending in meditation, giving a complete physical yoga practice each week.

Mats can be provided. Spaces are limited.
PRICE:  £ Drop in £12, 5 class pass £50, 10 class pass £90.

BOOKINGS:  Email jennyroseyoga@gmail.com to book.




WEDNESDAYS  8 - 9.15 pm

TEACHER: Mags McGeever

Finish your day beautifully. Create time and space just for you, in a tranquil, candlelit haven. Then float off to bedtime. 

The 75 min class includes: a physical practice of gentle and dynamic flowing postures, deep relaxation, beautiful words, energising breathing practices, accessible meditation, gorgeous music – and fruit!

Even if you are brand new to yoga, I hope you will find the classes welcoming and supportive as well as manageable. A safe place to find your feet... and connect with yourself. 

PRICE:  £64 for the block (8 classes) or £11 drop in.

Consession: Low-income rate of £44 for the 8 classes

BOOKINGS:   magsmcgeever@gmail.com




HATHA YOGA (Emerald Yoga Studio) Starts back

Thursdays 6.15 - 7.15 PM


This is a friendly, informal Hatha yoga class. Ideal for beginners or those wishing to build on their current practice by taking time to examine and explore how their bodies move in and out of some of the classic yoga poses. Props, adaptations and tips on how to deepen and strengthen the pose in a healthy way without force will be given, enabling people at many different stages of flexibility to feel the benefits yoga can bring. Each class is prepared with the aim of offering a balance of stretching, strengthening and relaxation. People comment on feeling taller, lighter and more positive after only one hour of practice!

There will be an 8 week block of classes. Beginning on 12th Sept and ending on 7th Nov with no class on the 10th Oct.

 £10 for drop in and £34 to buy a block of 4 classes. 

BOOKINGS: Rosina.Weightman@gmail.com to book or ask any questions. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VINYASA FLOW

THURSDAY 19.30 - 20.30


A dynamic flow for a Thursday evening of Vinyasa yoga.  With the emphasis on synchronising breath with movement; each week will focus on a different part of the body, opening gently through fluid sequencing.  This class is suitable for beginners and those with experience alike. 

PRICE:    £10 drop in, 6 classes for £50 as a block booking 

BOOKING:   puravida@yogawithfay.co.uk




FRIDAY 10 - 11 AM from 13th July 2018


Stretch. Strengthen. Stabilise. With the aim of protecting bone density, building muscle strength and increasing flexibility and stability. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience, including beginners.

A class to stretch, create space and improve posture. To strengthen using resistance from your own body, the floor, walls and, if suitable, light weights. Sometimes assisted by working with partners. Props (blocks, straps and bolsters) and modifications will be used as appropriate. There will be breathing exercises, restorative asanas and relaxation. 

Preventative and to aid existing health conditions. For those with specific medical conditions advise will be given on asanas which are particularly beneficial and those to approach with care or to avoid. If you have any questions please email Maggie.

PRICE: Drop in: £10.  Block booking: £45 for 5 classes

TO BOOK: Email Maggie: maggie@oasisyoga.co.uk





SATURDAYS 9.30 - 10.30 AM

TEACHER: fay denwood

Vinyasa flow is a yoga practice in which the postures are linked together to form a fluid sequence, with the emphasis on synchronising breath and movement. As well as gently opening the body with a different focus each week, this class will introduce you to the subtle body and the ancient philosophies of yoga.



BOOKING: puravida@yogawithfay.co.uk



SATURDAYS 11.00 am - 12.00 pm


TEACHER: Allanah Langstaff

A mat based class that will work into tight fascia but won't work up a sweat so you can go from Yoga to any Afternoon plans that you have. This class is suitable for all abilities whether you spent the morning working up a sweat already or rolled out of bed after a busy week at work. It's the ultimate stretch.

PRICE:  £10 drop in(£8 student) - Block bookings available

BOOKINGS:  allanahlangstaff@icloud.com          






Teacher: Kat Aydin (Karma Yoga Edinburgh)

If you're feeling the need to hit pause, calm your busy mind and allow yourself to rest in the present moment, then this is the session for you.

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of Yoga that uses props (bolsters, cushions, blankets, eye pillows) to support the body, encouraging deep relaxation. Restorative yoga is best described as - active relaxation. The session is gentle, deep and slow, focusing on opening and stretching the body letting each body to find its own most natural way to open up helping it to restore and relax itself. Restorative Yoga switches you from the sympathetic nervous system (fight, freeze, flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, relax, and digest response) within 15 minutes. This style of Yoga helps you cope with everyday stress, insomnia and anxiety by using some of the most powerful yet simple poses in Yoga. A 90 minute Restorative Yoga practice is equal to 4 hours of sleep!

This session complements an active Yoga practice and anyone can practice Restorative Yoga, regardless of age, shape or physical condition, even those with no Yoga experience. The poses are designed to be comfortable. Music and aromatherapy enhance the experience, encouraging a total sense of letting go.

PRICE: £20 per person

BOOKINGS: please, e-mail: kat.aydin@gmail.com



Get ready to get pampered!


Sunday 3.30-5.30pm  (23/09 - 28/10 - 18/11- 9/12/2018)

TEACHER: Esme Lopez ( www.yogawithesme.com)

Yin yoga, based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, is a practice of self-love. Asanas (postures) are held for longer periods of time, forcing you to slow down and be still and present. No matter your age, it helps revitalise your body tissue and leaves you feeling as if you’ve just had a massage. It helps your blood circulate; improves flexibility and joint mobility; and, like meditation, puts you face-to-face with your thoughts, teaching you to deal with them one breath at a time, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

Esme’s yin yoga masterclasses are suitable for all levels and abilities and are the perfect complement to other exercises that focus on muscular tissues. Classes last two hours, including a five-minute guided meditation session and fifteen minutes of yoga nidra (guided relaxation). Unlike other forms of yoga, you’re not generating internal heat during yin yoga so please wear layers to keep warm.

PRICE: £20 per person

BOOKINGS: email Esme to check ability  on esme@yogawithesme.com or pay PayPal visiting




Sunday 3.30-5.30pm  (09/09 - 7/10 - 11/11/2018)

TEACHER: Esme Lopez ( www.yogawithesme.com)

Roll to Release is a new two hour masterclass that helps guide you through a combination of poses, breathing techniques and specialised movements using yoga therapy balls. It’s aim is to eradicate pain, improve posture and release specific areas of the body. This is done through releasing the myofascial of the body.

This class also incorporates accessible anatomy as a way to help solidify your mind-body connection (proprioception). Prolonged holds in tight areas of the body even provides self-massage trigger point therapy, easing tension. Therapy balls are supplied and each of Esme’s sessions will leave you feeling stronger, happier and more relaxed.

What is Myofascia?

Myo is the Greek prefix for the word ‘muscle’. Fascia is the dense connective tissue that surrounds and covers them, holding your body together. When it becomes sensitive or tight, Myofascial release is the answer. Myofascial release is a specialised physical therapy that focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness to enhance mobility and release pain and tension.

Focusing on trigger points, Esme’s Myofascial Release classes will offer a mindful method of full-body self-massage. You’ll learn simple yet effective techniques, deepen your awareness of what your body needs and release stress through guided massage and restorative yoga.

PRICE: £20 per person

BOOKINGS: email Esme to check ability  on esme@yogawithesme.com or pay PayPal visiting